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“My husband and I have been nothing short of impressed to be working with Atkins Family Builders! We are currently in the process of creating our forever home and have been amazed with how easy the process has been due to the great communication and efficiency from Steve and his team.

We actually started our home building process earlier in the year with a different builder in the area who was very reputable. After months of going back and forth and waiting for detailed plans, drawings, options, etc., we found that the lack of communication overall was not a good fit for us. Feeling very defeated and let down with this builder, we did not want to give up our dream of building a home, so we searched for a different builder that would have our best interest at hand. This is when we found Atkins Family Builders.

We reached out to Steve not even a month ago and have been so impressed. Steve’s communication is clear and quick. We have never waited for an answer and he and his team have guided us through the home building process so seamlessly. We can’t believe how far in the process we already are given a short amount of time.

Steve and his team have many house plans already created and he listened to our needs and wants to create a customized house from what he had. We had the opportunity to tour a few model homes and from there, Steve gave us a plan of exactly what we were looking for and more. We were impressed with the turnaround time in only a week (compared to over a month with a different builder).

Steve and Atkins Family Builders have so many great connections in the home building industry that Steve was able to set up a time for us to go pick out cabinets, windows, flooring, etc., taking only a few hours. Steve, Christine, and Aaron accompanied us to each vendor meeting and provided guidance, reassurance, and insights to making our selections. We could not believe that so many of our selections were picked out so easily in a few short hours. The support was incredible!

Steve and his team really took the time to get to know us and in such a short time, we have completely trusted Steve and his team’s judgement to deliver our exact wants and needs in our home.

The thoughts and stress we had going into this home building process while being very busy ourselves, and while raising two children under the age of 3, have been so minimized since working with Atkins Family Builders. We would be more than willing to share our thoughts and experiences further as well!”

“While visiting a model home, Steve Atkins won us over immediately with his enthusiasm and passion. He just glowed when he was talking about his homes. We decided to build with him immediately. The building process was without a hitch, and he made everything work wonderfully. He did a fantastic job incorporating my ideas, a lot of them from just a picture I brought him. Working with Steve and his team was an amazing experience.”

“When we first walked into an Atkins model, it just felt like home. Even though the house was a bit larger and more expensive, we still made an appointment with Steve Atkins. We wanted the same look of the model home but we needed to down size to make it more affordable. Within a week we were present3d with a perfect plan, still within our budget. Not long after that, my husband suddenly passed away. I decided to go forward with the new home anyway-The process was much easier and stress free than I could have ever imagined. I was given just the right amount of assistance every step of the way. Construction was completed on schedule and my boys and I moved in right away. Another pleasant surprise was even with the changes I made during construction the home cost less than I first imagined.”
-Becci and the boys

“Our experience working with Steve was very positive. We were first time homebuilders and were pretty apprehensive before we got started. We heard from our friends how stressful it can be. The more we talked to Steve, though, the better we felt about the process. He put our minds at ease and knew what he was doing. Our home ended up being exactly what we wanted-it was a great process.”
-Donn and Ann

“Working with Atkins Family Builders has been an absolute pleasure. Steve and Sheryl worked very closely with us from initial design to the finishing details and we could not be happier. Atkins Family Builders made this whole process fun and stress-free. Thank you very much. The house is more than we ever dreamed it could be!”

What do suppliers say about Atkins…?

“Working with Atkins Family Builders the past 19 years has built a strong partnership founded upon integrity and dedication. Our team strives to provide the highest quality product to our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Steve which has developed into a great professional relationship. I work with many builders and I can say Atkins is one of the most organized and professionally run firms I work with. Their payment record is impeccable. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Jeff Smith, President •  JLS Plumbing (920-639-9300)


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